To Expose False Persona, Deceitful Tactics and Phony Rhetoric.

WHAT'S The Matter With KANSAS?

The Two America's - Red & Blue States
Cultural anger is marshaled to achieve economic ends,
and it is these economic achievements -
not the forgettable skirmishes of the never - ending culture wars.
It is the rebellious backlash that allows for the unnatural
destructive allegiance ,
bringing together blue collar mid westerners
and wall street business interests.
How Conservatives Won the Heart of America

The call is always the same. The trick never ages..
Vote - to stop abortion !
Vote - to make america
strong again !
Vote - to stand tall to
terrorism !
Vote - for Moral
Values !
What divides america is authenticity.. not something hard and ugly like economics.
While liberals commit endless acts of hubris, sucking down lattes,
driving ostentious European cars, and trying
to reform the world, humble people of red states go about there unpretentious business,
eating down-home foods,
vacationing in the ozarks, whistling while they work, feeling comfortable about who they are,
knowing they are secure under the watch of george W Bush, a man they love as one of their own."

Red States vs Blue States

(This Vote has been Falsely used)

What the Democratic movement must do to recapture the vote that it lost to the
new and revitalized Party of the Pretty People back in the
Falwell -Reagan days, is to take back the religious vote.

An Important Sector - But beware of being labeled an "Elite"

the golden fleece

If you get support from similar ideologically minded persons,
You gain an army to support your cause ,and it can turn public opinion through accomplishment


MOST IMPORTANTLY - There must be a "Re-Connect" with the hard working common man.
The party of the people has lost touch with the emotions and rhetoric
of the common man and they are being falsely
portrayed as the Party of the "Elite", the pretentious seaboard population, the scholars.
After all... What does it take to fool the farmer in the midwest, who is told to
"Vote" for anti abortion, "Vote" for marriage,
"Vote" for Gun rights, "Vote" for Wall Street!

After all - The typical farmer in kansas was sold down the river by the people they "Voted" for.
and the subsidies and benefits were given to not the farmer but to Con Agra
A large conglomerate from wall street.

Do Not Let False Persona & Rhetoric Swindle Your Vote!

Supreme Court Justice - The Honorable SotoMyYour


Thank You Kindly
Seth Matthias

VP - Content Creation
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  The Control Revolution  
The Future of Voting?
Electronic Democracy has a pedigree that goes back more than a half century.
In 1940, the futurist buckminister fuller wrote that democracy was in shambles and needed to be modernized
"to give it a one - individually- to another speed and spontaneity of reaction commensurate
with the speed of broadcast news"To achieve what he called "electrified voting", Fuller had a plan:
Devise a mechanical means for nationwide -voting daily and secretly by each adult citizen of Uncle Sam's Family"